Thursday, June 19, 2003

Second Follow Up

About six weeks later it was time for another follow up visit. More labs had been done. I had had bronchitis, cellulitis, and some nasty asthma problems halfway between visits. These had been treated with antibiotics,advair, and the usual arsenal of allergy meds and decongestents. The bronchitis lingered but that was to be expected since the 6-mp and prednisone both trash your immune system.

The doctor came in. This was the original one I saw and the one who did the colonoscopy. She reviewed everything. She must have gotten the message about me discontinuing the Colazol(I was concerned she may not have) or just knew not to yell when I said I wasn't taking it.

I discussed my continuing problems. I told her that while the cramping was some better most of the time, diarrhea was still daily. I explained that things are never completely good and that sometimes they are really bad. I described my back ache (which doesn't interest her though it is something unique since the time I was hospitalized). I answered the usual questions about bathroom visits, quality, cramping, etc.

I left after getting a semi-lecture/pep talk about the fact that I am unusual in my reaction to the 5-ASA drugs (Asacol and Colazol), that the 6-mp takes time to work, that Ulcerative Colitis isn't a easy clear cut black and white disease to treat. Basically a be patient lecture. I also left with a new prescription for pain medication (Tylenol 3) and Colocort Enemas.