Wednesday, February 21, 2007

London with Tummy Troubles

Well, I did it. I went on a lonnnnnnnnnnnng plane trip and stayed in a foreign country-took the lonnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnggggggggggggerrrrrrrrrr trip home and survived...with crohn's. I even drank the water a couple of times.

Here is the update on London toilets: not bad. Hard to find in places, sometimes key places. But, I survived with no mishaps. (better than my trip last year to PA where there was one)

Places and foods to eat that are relatively safe also easy to find. (one unfortunate meal in Oxford set off an afternoon of bathroom trips-of the run and wish for really good toilet paper sort and also the sort where you wonder whether it is worth it to actually leave the bathroom.) not really bad.

The rest of the trip was my normal good and bad mix. I did ok for the most part by being really careful about food choices but overtiredness and such caused problems (ok such=my period which is never tummy friendly)

Plane wasn't bad even though I had tummy troubles on the way home. I swear they let you use the toilets sooner and later on the long distance flight.

Now that I am home though...ugh. I think my body decided that it can fall apart. We had to stop several times on the way from the airport to the house and I am becoming intimately reacquainted with the bathrooms at work and home. sigh.

Only other tummy trouble comment is FOOD SMELLS and PEOPLE SMELLS. If your tummy troubles are aggravated by such things-prepare ahead. One museum smelled like a crockpot starting at about 10:30. Perfumes, colognes, cigarette smoke and people sweat/wet smells are omnipresent at the museums and on transportation as well as at any shop or restaurant. (speaking of the more lung aggravating of the smells-note that you can't get a primatene or similar inhaler from a drugstore there, so don't leave yours at home.)