Wednesday, May 17, 2006

Interesting Things about Today's Colonoscopy

Ok, well I thought they were interesting:
1. Being asked if I had been on a poultry farm or handled live birds recently. (bird flu questions)
2. Had I been out of the country in the past 10 days
3. New colonoscopy/endoscopy center at North Florida-new large waiting room and admission area, new prep waiting rooms that are rooms with bathrooms/tvs/etc.
4. Truly awful wallpaper borders and art, though the art and borders are a nice touch
5. Being told I am tiny all over. Hmmm...
6. The sedation wore off very quick, much quicker than at my usual endo/colonoscopy haunt.
7. The doctor blowing me up like a balloon and leaving me to deflate on my own. Geez, she doesn't normally do that or if she does she deflates me.
8. The doctor talking to my partner while ostensibly telling me all her thoughts
9. The doctor getting mushy with my partner.
10. The complete humorlessness of the staff in the colonoscopy room itself. Usually folks in that field tend to be quick with humor.

Colonoscopy Update

I am here. Not dead. No new holes in my colon.(well except for I suppose all sorts of scrapes and whatevers from multiple biopsies.) Surgery looms big time now though. Sigh. Don't they know I have no sick leave, need a zillion dollars in dental work, AND want to take a real vacation with my babies. :-(

Mystery bump no less mysterious and growing. Doc also wants to up the imuran.

Tuesday, May 16, 2006

Is Colonoscopy Prep Really That Difficult?

Editorials - Is Colonoscopy Prep Really That Difficult?: "Try it. You might like it."

Truly bizarre line in a prep article.

There's Always Room for Jell-O!

There's Always Room for Jell-O!
The title of this article made me giggle. What was I doing there? Well, ummm I HATE PREP and was hoping that searching for colonoscopy prep would spill some unknown secret to less horrid prep. Nope.

Then, I saw the title of this article, had to click. Certainly, with a great title like that, they would have a suggestion for clear liquids that I had not considered. (like I feel like eating ANYTHING with this headache, nausea and camping out in the bathroom with a bottle of gingerale and phospho soda waiting for the final "omg I hate this" drink). Nope, no dice there either, but a great title and info on the clear liquid diet if you haven't got a handle on it.

I am glad this is early in the morning though. I feel almost as death-like as I did with my first prep and wandering the hospital much later in the day feeling like this might be not such a good thing.

Monday, May 15, 2006

I don't want to do this colonoscopy

At all. The "lets do it in the hospital this time" is completely troubling. And! Didn't I just HAVE one? Bleah.

Tuesday, May 09, 2006

Cleaning Up One Flush at a Time

First Coast News - Strange & Unusual - Cleaning Up One Flush at a Time

3 minutes and it burns the waste? Yep, just what I want to do, sit on a home incinerator. How about you?

Friday, May 05, 2006

The Bathroom Snob

The Bathroom Snob

This is a cool blog for all of us who spend a lot of the time in the bathroom and even pretty cool for those who spend an average or very little amount of time in the bathroom.

She even alerted me to the extra special self cleaning toilet which led me to the scotchguarded SINK! Very cool.
Now go visit!

Tuesday, May 02, 2006

More Toilet News

Malaysia Wants to Flush Dirty Toilet Rep - Yahoo! News: "Malaysia will try to flush its long-held image of having foul-smelling public restrooms with a National Toilet Summit to educate the public about the importance of clean commodes."

"The vision ... is to establish a clean toilet culture,"

Wow, can we have any more toilet news? Toilet summit leader sounds like a job for someone with tummy troubles doesn't it?

Fun Germ Facts

Fear the Phone
Fun Germ Facts for Your Day:

  • Germs do not stick where people believe they will.
  • Doorknobs are usually on the low side as far as bacteria because they are not usually moist. "Never fear a doorknob."

  • The average desk harbors 400 times more bacteria than the average toilet seat

  • Short-cycle, cold-water laundry washing leaves viruses and bacteria largely intact.

  • There is a 10th of a gram of feces in the average pair of underwear, which then swishes around to get on all the clothes washed with them.

  • Viruses such as hepatitis A, rotavirus and bacteria such as Salmonella -- all of which cause stomach upsets and diarrhea -- can easily survive the average 28-minute drying cycle

Wash your hands before and after laundry and meal prep. Touch the doorknob. Sit on the toilet seat. And for goodness sake, clean your desk!