Wednesday, May 17, 2006

Interesting Things about Today's Colonoscopy

Ok, well I thought they were interesting:
1. Being asked if I had been on a poultry farm or handled live birds recently. (bird flu questions)
2. Had I been out of the country in the past 10 days
3. New colonoscopy/endoscopy center at North Florida-new large waiting room and admission area, new prep waiting rooms that are rooms with bathrooms/tvs/etc.
4. Truly awful wallpaper borders and art, though the art and borders are a nice touch
5. Being told I am tiny all over. Hmmm...
6. The sedation wore off very quick, much quicker than at my usual endo/colonoscopy haunt.
7. The doctor blowing me up like a balloon and leaving me to deflate on my own. Geez, she doesn't normally do that or if she does she deflates me.
8. The doctor talking to my partner while ostensibly telling me all her thoughts
9. The doctor getting mushy with my partner.
10. The complete humorlessness of the staff in the colonoscopy room itself. Usually folks in that field tend to be quick with humor.


Denise said...

I'm getting weird pictures of Dr W inflating you and deflating you. Maybe it's this inflation and deflation thing that causes her to speak to me, and so nicely too?

You are right, that was the boringest set of endoscopy staff I've ever seen. Someone should send them some poop jokes or crap blogs or something.

Lucy said...

I think you definitely need to complain about not being professionally deflated. Its the least she could do!

Someone needs to start a competition for silliest things people have done while still drugged after endoscopies. I have made a note to self to hand my mobile phone to someone safe BEFORE I let them give me drugs. Uh huh. And my credit card. With very strict instructions not to let me sms colleagues until at least 12 hours after I've woken up. Or purchase subscriptions to the opera...

So does surgery mean they are going to remove the mystery lump????


Emsxiety said...

Deflating isn't just a courtesy, it's a needed. Grrr...

mikeyarmo said...

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Jen said...

Hearing that medical staff are now asking about the bird flu is a tad unsettling.

The rooms in the new center sound schweet.

I got a visual of Veruca Salt being rolled off by the oompa loompas to be deflated. I wonder why this time the doc didn't help?

A humorless staff? Oy.

TW said...

Surgery does indeed mean mystery bump removal. And no kidding on professional deflation. I think I STILL am ok so that is probably not inflation keeping my pants from fitting.