Tuesday, May 02, 2006

Fun Germ Facts

Fear the Phone
Fun Germ Facts for Your Day:

  • Germs do not stick where people believe they will.
  • Doorknobs are usually on the low side as far as bacteria because they are not usually moist. "Never fear a doorknob."

  • The average desk harbors 400 times more bacteria than the average toilet seat

  • Short-cycle, cold-water laundry washing leaves viruses and bacteria largely intact.

  • There is a 10th of a gram of feces in the average pair of underwear, which then swishes around to get on all the clothes washed with them.

  • Viruses such as hepatitis A, rotavirus and bacteria such as Salmonella -- all of which cause stomach upsets and diarrhea -- can easily survive the average 28-minute drying cycle

Wash your hands before and after laundry and meal prep. Touch the doorknob. Sit on the toilet seat. And for goodness sake, clean your desk!


Jen said...

Wow - a whole new reason to dislike doing laundry!

johnl42 said...

I think you understate the dangers of doorknobs. You say "touch the door knob, I say read the book "Don't Touch that Door Knob!"

When bathrooms were tested in many restaurants what did they find...ecoli germs!


Me said...

I can't believe that clean laundry can be so filthy!!! Now i understand why people just throw used clothes away and just buy new ones.

you said... said...

... and after the first washing they are just as dirty as the used ones... so it doesn't really matter anyway.