Tuesday, April 25, 2006

Happy National Plumber's Day

Happy National Plumber's Day! Do you live in one of the United States of America's Cloggiest Cities? Are you like us and have a toilet that requires tlc?


Denise said...

Toilet TLC, ha. No doggone kidding, eh? Overuse, I'm telling ya... now to find a cute girl plumber, with a snake!

Emsxiety said...

Cute girl plumber with a snake? Now where else will you find words like that!
I am not in the top ten or the bottom ten for clogs. I am somewhere in the middle Im sure!

Lucy said...

I didn't know US toilets clogged!

I can tell you some HORRIBLE china clogged toilet stories. On our first day as exchange students in our shiny little flat in Haikou the toilet didn't just clog... it started FLOWING BACKWARDS! ARGH!! POO! EVERYWHERE!

And our plumber DEFINITELY wasn't a cute chick with a snake!

Australian plumbing, on the other hand, I can reccomend. No smells, no clogs (touch wood) just nice, predictable flushing. The blessings of a young nation, right?

TW said...

Yes, well Denise is often telling me I should be grateful for U.S. plumbing.

They definitely clog and ours has added an ominous gurgling noise to its assortment of ailments. Sigh.