Wednesday, April 19, 2006

Bad Tummy Trouble Blogger

I haven't had much to say lately. The tummy troubles seem to have hit a nothing new point. Most days they are not too bad. More and more weeks go by where I don't go for a couple of days then make up for it all in one night. I really won't complain about that, since as we all know, it is easier to deal with tummy troubles at home than at work.

I am scheduled to have another colonoscopy on May 17. This time at the hospital so I imagine they are going to lasso the mystery bump at that time. I am not thrilled about it but maybe once that is done, doc will chill a bit.


Lucy said...


Well - I happen to think that better a bad tummy trouble blogger than a good one! It sounds like you are adjusting to a wierd tummy. "Yeah, its a pain in the butt, ocassionally literally, but there is waaay more interesting stuff going on, so I haven't go time to talk about it". YAY! That's what we all want, I reckon.

Well - you know - we all want a stomach that is just normal. But if we have to have annoying tummies, I reckon I, for one, want to be able to ignore it as often as possible.

Do you still see a specialist every 3 months? I am scheduled for the specialist every 3 months, blood test before I go, and I keep trying to avoid the GP - but one way or another wind up back there about once a month. I wonder when my doctors will relax and start leaving me alone?

I wonder what mine will say when I tell them I've been offered work in Shanghai - land of tummy bugs, food poisoning, colds, flus and much stress :-/

Good luck with the endoscopy! Do you mean you think they will cut it out? I imagine that would a) be rather uncomfortable and b) require time for you to recover from surgery!

TW said...

Yep, still see her every three months if not sooner. She seems to be laying off a bit on the bloodwork but I am not sure why.

Technically, the looping and removal of the bump shouldn't be more than the average biopsy sort of thing they do routinely. Unfortunately, she seems to think there is a chance that it will perforate my intestine to remove the whole darn thing, thus the hospital thing and her anxiety. Her anxiety really isn't helping because she has never seemed less than completely confident in HER abilities to do something. So, theoretically, no pain, no recovery other than average colonoscopy, but also a higher chance than the average consent form that there will be.

Giggle about Shanghai. My doctor is concerned enough about me going to potlucks, crowds, etc. I can only imagine Shanghai. Are you thinking of taking it?

Lucy said...

Well -

I'm not sure. I would -like- to... but then again, I don't like being sick, and when I was in Beijing last time I got food poisoning twice and viral gastro once (I WAS ONLY THERE FOR FOUR MONTHS ON MY LAST TRIP!). That was WITH ultra food related paranoia... its just that 20 million people and as many loved pooches in one filthy city make it pretty much impossible to avoid that stuff. *SIGH*. I also have issues with salt sensitivity and deep fried food (my tummy refuses to do anything useful with deep fried food and I take a ton of diuretics and have to follow a low salt diet, even in bland flavourless Brisbane). All of that makes eating out in China umm... challenging... and its such a food driven culture that not eating out is impossible. Person I have been trying to get an interview with for 6 months: "Ah, Lucy, Lets go to that fantastic restuaraunt where they deep fry everything in chilli oil while we talk." Lucy: "umm... I'm not so good with chilli." Interviewee: "No worries, I know this other place where they deep fry everything in pig fat before they roll it in salt and MSG." Lucy: "Dear god, just shoot me and be done!"

But, then, I am meant to be a China specialist - and giving up too much travel, high stress and Asia if you want to be a China focussed academic isn't such an easy thing to do. :-(

Ultimately, I will probably have to compromise, I think. I have been offered a job in Australia - and they have asked me to consider the Shanghai stuff, but I might see if its possible to go for shorter trips rather than just living over there. I have a lovely supervisor and everyone is willing to be as flexible as they can be, but I hate having to ask and I loathe the thought of changing my plans/goals because of a stupid stomach. BUT no energy and permanant belly ache are not so much fun, so I have a great incentive to learn the art of compromise.


Having a perforated intestine sounds like a pretty serious complication. I get the impression that surgeons in the US have more advanced techniques than Australian surgeons, who are rather conservative. I'm sure you'll be fine, but I'll send you lots of positive energy, anyway :-)