Monday, April 03, 2006

Hand Washing

Washing hands is not fun, not usually. Getting sick is less fun. Getting sick because someone else didn't wash their hands happens ALL. OF. THE. TIME. It happens to you. It happens to me. It happens to folks with even less immune protection than me. I won't even tell you the horrid things I have learned from working in food safety land. Let us just say...the mayo in potato salad isn't the biggest food safety thing you should worry about at the party.

So, of course, at least I, would like for better handwashing habits to catch on like wildfire. So would the folks at Iowa State University Extension. They currently have a survey about which handwashing billboard you most would like to see, so go wash your hands and VOTE for your favorite.


TPS said...


very interesting blog, here.

i'm no expert. i spent a long time working as a supervisor of health care facilities, and hand-washing is one of the top 5 commandments.

still, i think i've read in several places that all this anti-bacterial soap we use causes some strange repercusions--killing off beneficial substances, provoking the evolution of more resilient bacteria, so-on, so-forth.

of course, any normal human being who sees what happens in bathrooms at the local dive is going to pick up the hand-washing habit--myself, sometimes obsessively, included.

i was just wondering what you've read on the subject.

again, nice blog, here.

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TW said...

Soap and water are just as or more effective than those antibacterial handwashing soaps/waterless antibacterial liquids.
Non-washers, as you know,can spread disease, even if they may not have it themselves. Hepatitis A, salmonellosis, shigellosis, e coli, these are all things commonly found on ATM buttons, door handles, food trays, etc...that isn't even counting the bathrooms! Even if a little "food-poisoning" doesn't worry you, diseases spread by unwashed hands could kill someone you know.
Next time you are in a movie theater or restaurant, watch the people wiping their noses, coughing on hands, then touchng arm rests, tables, door handles. BLECK.

The CDC, USDA, and medline all have some informative pieces on handwashing and the like.