Wednesday, March 29, 2006

Spa Of Embarrassing Illnesses

UKTV Style : TV Guide : Programmes : Spa of Embarassing Illnesses : Spa Of Embarrassing Illnesses: Episode Guide: "It's estimated that 75% of people in the UK suffer from an embarrassing illness such as IBS, excessive sweating, bloating, obesity, psoriasis and piles."

Interesting idea for a reality tv show, though one has to growl about the fact that presumably these folks are going to be fixed with these alternative treatments...thus leading the "caring", "concerned" folks to have just one more thing to point to when they say "I saw on tv where all that someone with _______ had to do was stop _________ (or take up yoga, go to a ___________) and they were cured!" It might be true in some cases, but in more cases I think it tends to make the person feel like they are sick because it is their own fault.


Lucy said...

Well, you know...

There's nothing wrong with Yoga!

Having said that, I think I'm way over the embarassing nature of IBD. Seriously. I quite enjoy talking about poo these days. If people ask me I tell them I explain it as inflamation in my 'large intestine' rather than in my 'bowel', though. Discussing one's bowels over dinner just doesn't seem to go over that well.

People who are convinced that you can be fixed if you just cut out wheat/eat less acid foods/take up meditation/eat more green things/give up coffee/avoid all processed foods/go to their naturopath/take wheatgrass supplements are, indeed a pain in the butt. My last boyfriend was like that, and it is one of the few times I've wound up in tears over my tummy troubles. It was truly as if when I got sick it was my own fault. If I follow the diet that's been reccomended to the letter, it leaves me with exactly 3 things to eat - steamed fish, steamed rice and/or steamed chicken. Oh... I can have strained apples and rolled oats as a treat. No lactose, no refined sugar, no bread, no salt, no vegetables containing histamines, no preservatives, colours or flavours, no raw fruit. OK - it might or might not work, but there's definite conflicting opinions in the medical community about whether its a good idea to stay on that sort of diet in the longer term, and decisions about where health ends and quality of life begins are not simple matters. Being told by someone, however well meaning, that you are letting everyone down if you slip and eat a sundried tomato is HORRIBLE. And very unhelpful. Even if sundried tomatoes do go straight through you.

TW said...

The truly annoying are the "have a positive attitude" and don't eat any caffeine or sugar. Hmmm...positive attitude WITHOUT caffeine and sugar? lolol

Sounds like you are well rid of the last boyfriend.

Good to see you (even if it took me forever to respond)

Shireen said...

I hear you!!! I'm lucky to get through a week without nausea or a month without being laid up in bed vomiting and low back pain. I have had every test in the book, and even been in the hospital for a week several yrs ago and NO ONE knows anything. They checked for IBD and Chrons (SP) and told me it wasn't either, but in the report it stated that I had fluid in the pelvis and the colonoscopy stated I had a 2inches of thickened lower bowel. What does that mean? Yet not one doc said anything to me and after 5 days in the hosp. I was sent home and that was over 5yrs ago. What is wrong with me??? I have been told to try, gluten-free diet, stop caffiene, lower stress, take an antacid on and on.... no relief, no cure. Even got thyroid checked and told the level wasn't high enough for meds, yet it was on the high end????????????/ Any Ideas of where to look or something to be rechecked?? any Ideas would be much appreciated.
I hope you are doing well, and enjoyed reading your blog.

TW said...

No ideas here shireen. Good luck though!

bleskat said...

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