Sunday, April 29, 2007


NakedJen is on prednisone too. I will point out that my doctor didn't give me carte blanche to run around naked. I think I must have not gotten full prescription info.

Just as well though. Nudity is not tolerated around here. I do hope her poison oak gets better FAST and she has just a short run of prednisone.

Chemo Fog

Nice article today in the NYT about Chemo Fog. Posting it here just because Chemo fog is probably familiar to many of you as just that and then, there is the fact that a lot of Crohn's/Ulcerative Colitis drugs...those nice immuno-suppressants and prednisone for instance are the same sort of drug used in chemo, though in milder doses.

My prednisone fog is better this week. One drop of dosage did help a lot I think, though I know that I am still not where I want to be! Fortunately, it is usually at its worse when only one person is around to laugh at/with me about it. I totally related to the woman in the article saying "that thing with numbers" for calculator though.

Saturday, April 28, 2007

Better? Maybe?

But prednisone antsy (yet tired!) and not sleeping well. Crohn's guts seem to be healing some though. Well, at least I am trading living in the bathroom for bloating, reflux and such...which is probably a good thing. I will get that part licked just because it is pred. fidget munching that causes that, so I will just work on being all zen like and ignore it. Anyone know why prednisone can sap the taste out of everything yet still give you munchies? (or how it can make you tired and bouncy at the same time?)

Tuesday, April 24, 2007

You know...

You don't want to hear my ode to prednisone (which is running around half formed in my prednisone slaked brain and makes prednisone sound rather like a bad boy in West Side Story or something)

So...I bring you ....something new and exciting from the International Home Show! Toilet Tattoos

There are some "elegant and sophisticated designs." but I am just about ready to order the one shown here. Ostensibly for potty training...I am thinking the irony for tummy troubles and me, ...makes it perfect!

Monday, April 16, 2007

Make Your GI Doctor Laugh

Tell her as she apologizes for prednisone side effects before she even writes the script "Hey, at least my house will get clean". GI doctor laughed and laughed and apologized for laughing. I am not sure what part of that was funny...ok not that funny. Especially since Denise HATES that part of my steroidal evilness.

If you really want Prednisone humor though...go get this Carla Ulbrich CD...there is no sample of her Prednisone song...but there is the tummy trouble favorite--On The Commode Again. Carla is super sweet and funny. I love her. I love her boots. I love her songs. I love the silliness. She is a family favorite. My beautiful daughter is especially fond of What if your girlfriend was gone? Well, in fact both of the daughters are fond of that, though the younger one is more fond of The man who changes the lightbulbs. My son...loves the wedgie song. (all of those on different Carla them all...they will cheer your heart)

Friday, April 13, 2007

Ass-ume the position!

Best results are achieved if the bowel is emptied immediately before the enema is given.
Preparing the Medication for Administration
Shake the bottle well to make sure that the suspension is homogeneous.<--white lovely suspension of a consistency many folks associate with penile fluids
Remove the protective sheath from the applicator tip. Hold the bottle at the neck so as not to cause any of the medication to be discharged. <--Actually easier said then done. Very flimsy bottles here. Man I hate the wet spot.
Image from Drug Label Content
Assuming the Correct Body Position
Best results are obtained by lying on the left side with the left leg extended and the right leg flexed forward for balance. <--while carefully holding the bottle so as not to "discharge" medication, and without getting some body part crushed under you in an impossible to maintain position...In my case,most likely my breast.
Image from Drug Label Content
An alternative to lying on the left side is the "knee-chest" position as shown here.
Image from Drug Label Content<--if best results are on side...why this less appealing option? Maybe for those who prefer blood rushing to their head for 30 min as opposed to squashed breasts?
Administering the Retention Enema
Gently insert the lubricated applicator tip into the rectum, pointed slightly toward the navel (umbilicus). <--toward the belly button? My rectum is nowhere near where I can point to my belly button, sorry.
Grasp the bottle firmly, then tilt slightly so that the nozzle is aimed toward the back, and squeeze slowly to instill the medication. Steady hand pressure will discharge most of the solution. After administering, withdraw and discard the used unit. <---without jumping out of bed and un-assuming the position.
Image from Drug Label Content<---interesting rendering of where it should go
Remain in position for at least 30 minutes to allow thorough distribution of the medication internally. Retain the enema all night, if possible. <--no babe, can't turn over, waiting for the magic white fluid to reach its target!

Store at controlled room temperature, 15°-30°C (59°-86°F).

Poop for Peace

Happy Poop For Peace Day!

Tuesday, April 03, 2007

Portable Heated Toilet

With many other features! Just what we need for the toilet closet I heard suggested a couple weeks ago on a tummy trouble board

Sunday, April 01, 2007

Google TisP

Woo hoo! Google has announced a new service that allows broadband right where those of us with tummy troubles need it-the toilet. Check it out!