Monday, April 16, 2007

Make Your GI Doctor Laugh

Tell her as she apologizes for prednisone side effects before she even writes the script "Hey, at least my house will get clean". GI doctor laughed and laughed and apologized for laughing. I am not sure what part of that was funny...ok not that funny. Especially since Denise HATES that part of my steroidal evilness.

If you really want Prednisone humor though...go get this Carla Ulbrich CD...there is no sample of her Prednisone song...but there is the tummy trouble favorite--On The Commode Again. Carla is super sweet and funny. I love her. I love her boots. I love her songs. I love the silliness. She is a family favorite. My beautiful daughter is especially fond of What if your girlfriend was gone? Well, in fact both of the daughters are fond of that, though the younger one is more fond of The man who changes the lightbulbs. My son...loves the wedgie song. (all of those on different Carla them all...they will cheer your heart)

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Emsxiety said...

I could paint the house with my tongue. That's the best way I can describe steroid highs.