Friday, October 28, 2005

Could be worse

My gut hasn't been happy. Not particularly miserable, but not happy. Its been a stressful week and while that has no bearing on developing Ulcerative Colitis or Crohn's, it doesn't help either. This always reminds me of great sayings like go with your gut, gut feelings, etc. Yep, my feelings get wrapped up with my gut. In my case the saying should go "Life's a bitch, then you go to the bathroom"

On the plus side, a wee break this weekend. Interestingly enough or proving my point that stress is related, a break usually helps matters a lot. Let's hope that is the case this weekend.

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Tuesday, October 25, 2005


I am horridly vain. Not in a clothes buying, have to be dressed "right" sort of way. I just have generally really liked how I looked. But here is the problem...
Several years of pukeyness + a lifetime of drinking coke......have left my teeth scarey looking (not to mention dentist from hell) AND

Several years of crohns? IBD? Ulcerative colitis? pukeyness? drugs to treat the above? has left my skin yucky. Patchy, spotty, puffed, dry, wrinkled, yucky. Icky.

And...I have to admit those things are far more annoying to me than the bathroom trips. If it isn't going to feel like my body, couldn't it just look like it?

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Monday, October 24, 2005


Tummy isn't too bad today. But I have a problem, I ate well..nothing of value yesterday. My nutritional high point was my morning coffee. Really.

What do I crave to solve this issue? Jimmy Johns. #6 or #13. Hold the sprouts and lettuce. Maybe add onion. The rice cake I just munched has not helped. I have been wanting Jimmy Johns for a week now. But, they are at the top of no ones list but mine even if we were a vote for dinner sort of family.

Why Jimmy Johns? I don't know. I think because it is flavorful and has a varying enough texture as to taste like something (as opposed to boring bland) and as long as I get it without lettuce (without sprouts is a given) I don't tend to have tummy issues with it most of the time. It also is soft enough not to make my dead teeth hurt. This makes it an entirely rare food in my life right now.

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Sunday, October 23, 2005

Tummy Days and Sundays...

Friday was a yucky tummy day which developed into a yucky tummy and migraine night. Migraine continued until Saturday morning whereupon it vanished. Mentruation arrived just as I was pondering if this could be the key to the yucky tummy and head. Afterwards yesterday was pretty good.

Today though, migraine is back, yucky tummy in full force with nausea, the famous Crohn's mucus and everything else. BLEAH.

Of course, I have planned pork chops for the family for dinner. Cross your fingers that I can get through the prep.

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Thursday, October 20, 2005

Oh no.

I am going to be gloomy like George Orwell Ok, Crohn's isn't TB but hey, the rest fits right? Am I gloomy? Tell me now before I write 2084 or something.

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Wednesday, October 19, 2005

Ok, so I know you are really fascinated now

play toilet sudoku

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I know you all want to hear gory corn details...but there are none yet. Yes, I bravely ate corn. Ok a half ear of boiled to death corn on the cob. far so good. YAY! I think I will say the Digestive Advantage is working. Surely the snake oil is the reason I have managed such a thing. Right? I mean its been an HOUR. LOL. Ok ok...but my tummy hasn't been half bad this week. We will see what it does closer to menstruation and such...but could this mean...COLE SLAW could be in my future? Crohn's, Crohn's go away I want to eat my favorite foods some day.

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Tuesday, October 18, 2005

Tuesday Toilets

Ok, I was going to take pictures and measure the gaps in the stalls at work but that didn't happen. So I will chat a bit about our toilet.

It has a nice new plastic toilet seat after the white wooden one with plastic whatever those are (risers?) all died toilet deaths. This was long overdue as scouring the darn thing no longer worked.

But the toilet itself has a problem. Perhaps only troubling to me because I see it so darn much. When we started renting the house, it was stained. Hmm no problem, dealt with that before.

HA. No matter what chemical (everything from normal toilet bowl cleaner, soaking it in straight bleach no water, lime away the stuff you use to prep walls to paint, anything that looked promising at the grocery, hardware, department store.) to mechanical...a wide array of brushes, pumice stones, etc...most recently a metal brush you use to strip furniture) it still stays stubbornly BROWN AND GROSS LOOKING.

The metal stripping brush did manage to uncover bits of white but nothing more. I don't really want to replace the toilet. It works fine. I even managed to install a cool flush replacement gig in it last year, when the running drove me mad. But I want it WHITE. EVERYWHERE. Yeah, I know. Weird. Obsessive. Particularly since I am not inclined to housekeeping. (mostly because it must be done exactly or not done at all)

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Monday, October 17, 2005

Muse about Monday

Figured I would muse about something Crohn's related this Monday: Toilet Paper. I know, I know, the mere words bring about a gut reaction in all of you with IBD, Crohn's, Ulcerative colitis, IBS or other tummy trouble disease.

The toilet paper here at work sucks. Big time. What makes it so?

  • THIN: you probably have plastic wrap thicker than this stuff

  • Tears into tiny little scraplets that continuously circulate in the restroom

  • Scratchy: REALLY scratchy

At home: Not so bad. We seem to have settled on something just above really cheap Cottonelle? that works. Now if we just didn't have to buy so much of it.

So how about you? Toilet paper musings anyone?

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Sunday, October 16, 2005

Snake Oil

Friday during a trip to the most inane drugstore in the country, I ran across (while pondering all the other over the counter things that might conceivably make the crohns feel better) a box with Crohn's and Colitis on the front in big letters. What was this? I surely was no stranger to this aisle. Digestive Advantage for Crohns and Colitis (Go ahead click the link and peek, looks like they have free samples) The box claims it relieves diarrhea, constipation, pain, and bloating. Woo hoo. It quickly landed in my cart.

Yeah I know. Probably no good or overpriced packaging for something I could get unlabeled for less. might work right? I still can hang on to the idea that the all wise GI docs just missed this in order to use the Imuran/azathioprine and I should give it a try before the Remicade. Anyone else tried this?

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Tuesday, October 11, 2005


I was feeling bad because I think I only whine here despite really not being that bad off comparatively on the tummy trouble scale. So I say something nice. What happens? TUMMY TROUBLES. Painful nasty yucky disgusting tummy troubles.

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Not doing too Bad

The nausea issues seem to have passed for a few days. YAYYYYYYYY. Still haven't picked up the new script for the nausea meds.

Unfortunately I seem to have gone from a pattern of predictable(for me) bathroom trips to somewhat less foreseeable ones. Annoying.

I am thinking I should go back and read up on Crohns and diet and so on. I have to confess I skipped a lot of that info because it didn't apply to both Crohns and Ulcerative Colitis. I used to be annoyed that there was soooooooo much on Crohns and not much on UC.

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Friday, October 07, 2005

Appointment Update

Yesterday was the CT scan update appt. No real news from the ct scan. Dr was confused as to why I hadn't already done the capsule endoscopy. Uh hello, you said to wait until you got the ct stuff back. I got to see the color pictures of the mystery bump.

Capsule endoscopy has to get approved by insurance which make take a month and the office folk said they are scheduling them a month out right now. So probably two months before that.

She in her intense gi doctor way said she was concerned the mystery bump was an encapsulated carcinoid tumor but that was rare. Sort of her way of saying she is alarmed but I shouldn't be I think. Surgery chat was interesting in a vague analytical way. As stated earlier, the world famous G.I. doc says it can be done with colonoscopy without perforation. She isn't so sure. In any case it would take both. If I do perforate or we go surgically with this in the first place, it may be able to be done laparascopically butttttt appendectomy scarring may prove to make that impossible as well. So rather than answer all the work questions like how long do you need off for this surgery, I have no answers for them. "Could be just a day for the colonoscopy. Could be a week for the laparascopy. Could be much longer for full abdominal surgery.

I forgot to ask for pain med refills. I also didn't cancel the appt scheduled for the 11th. I need to do both today.

I really regretted the pain med ommission yesterday as I had serious, serious gut wrenching (giggle, nice pun) pain all day that progressively got worse. Still owie today.

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