Sunday, October 23, 2005

Tummy Days and Sundays...

Friday was a yucky tummy day which developed into a yucky tummy and migraine night. Migraine continued until Saturday morning whereupon it vanished. Mentruation arrived just as I was pondering if this could be the key to the yucky tummy and head. Afterwards yesterday was pretty good.

Today though, migraine is back, yucky tummy in full force with nausea, the famous Crohn's mucus and everything else. BLEAH.

Of course, I have planned pork chops for the family for dinner. Cross your fingers that I can get through the prep.

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Lucy said...

Oh no!

OK - so I know I'm the biggest hypocrite in the world... pretending to be all cheery and secretly plotting evil t-shirt campaigns against medical professionals... but would it help if you thought of Frida Kahlo?? You know - she had a terrible accident and broke her spine and thought life was over, and while she was recuperating became one of the most amazing artists of all time? We'll just delete the part about her miserable depressive life and focus on the fact that from her pain came brilliant art. AND the whole world said 'wow - she was so brave. And so brilliant.' So she got credibility and sympathy and respect - all out of a bus accident!

OK. The metaphor's probably been overstretched now... but maybe it made you smile.

TW said...

LOL Kahlo, now theres a thought.

I think the tshirt campaign is a good idea
I myself am ready to start an anti pharmacy campaign

Lucy said...

This is a rude personal question - but as a person who comes from a long line of women with serious fluid retention/PMT issues - if you think that your hormones mess with your Crohns, how come you don't you take the pill??

I've been on it since I was 18... and experimentally went off a couple of years ago. I was amazed! And went right back on it! With a whole newfound respect for people who DON'T take it!!!!!

No need to permit this comment if you're not comfortable with it. I understand. I hope you are feeling better already, anyway :-)

TW said...

Well, the biggy is that I am a lesbian so thus don't need birth control at this point. I didn't like the pill so much when I was on it, but that was uhhhh ummm more than 13 years ago now. I preferred the IUD. I have never been a good pill taker, though I have gotten good with the slew of tummy drugs. I gained weight on it. And, well, I like my cycle to be mine. Weird, I know. We have tossed it around as an idea and I think I might go for it after the surgery and giving the remicade a shot.