Tuesday, October 18, 2005

Tuesday Toilets

Ok, I was going to take pictures and measure the gaps in the stalls at work but that didn't happen. So I will chat a bit about our toilet.

It has a nice new plastic toilet seat after the white wooden one with plastic whatever those are (risers?) all died toilet deaths. This was long overdue as scouring the darn thing no longer worked.

But the toilet itself has a problem. Perhaps only troubling to me because I see it so darn much. When we started renting the house, it was stained. Hmm no problem, dealt with that before.

HA. No matter what chemical (everything from normal toilet bowl cleaner, soaking it in straight bleach no water, lime away the stuff you use to prep walls to paint, anything that looked promising at the grocery, hardware, department store.) to mechanical...a wide array of brushes, pumice stones, etc...most recently a metal brush you use to strip furniture) it still stays stubbornly BROWN AND GROSS LOOKING.

The metal stripping brush did manage to uncover bits of white but nothing more. I don't really want to replace the toilet. It works fine. I even managed to install a cool flush replacement gig in it last year, when the running drove me mad. But I want it WHITE. EVERYWHERE. Yeah, I know. Weird. Obsessive. Particularly since I am not inclined to housekeeping. (mostly because it must be done exactly or not done at all)

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Denise said...

Wait, the pumice stone was used to clean the toilet? Why the heck is it in the basket on the toilet thingy with all of the OTC drugs, tampons, and other stuff that you insist on keeping in those baskets? MY HAIRBRUSH IS IN THAT BASKET because you were using it to brush your way too long hair. Tell me you're just blogging untruths here and that pumice stone was not in the toilet. I'm going to have nightmares.

TW said...

Giggle. ROFLMAO. Blushing. Giggle. One of them was in the toilet yes. The other one wasn't.

Denise said...

I cannot believe this. YOU KNOW BETTER. I'm blogging this, and more.