Monday, October 17, 2005

Muse about Monday

Figured I would muse about something Crohn's related this Monday: Toilet Paper. I know, I know, the mere words bring about a gut reaction in all of you with IBD, Crohn's, Ulcerative colitis, IBS or other tummy trouble disease.

The toilet paper here at work sucks. Big time. What makes it so?

  • THIN: you probably have plastic wrap thicker than this stuff

  • Tears into tiny little scraplets that continuously circulate in the restroom

  • Scratchy: REALLY scratchy

At home: Not so bad. We seem to have settled on something just above really cheap Cottonelle? that works. Now if we just didn't have to buy so much of it.

So how about you? Toilet paper musings anyone?

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Eljae said...

ROFL! When we moved into the hotel last summer, W insisted on buying "our" brand of t.p. rather than using the hotel's scratchy thin t.p. for 10 weeks. Perhaps you should keep your own roll in your desk drawer. ;-)

Emsxiety said...

I actually use Scott tissues, 1000 sheets per roll. It's the only kind we can use here that doesn't clog the toilet. I have huge toilet issues and having to flush sixteen times to clear the toilet is past frustrating!

Lucy said...

I was raised by good hippie parents who always bought the organic looking 'environmentally friendly, 100% recylced, no chlorine bleach' variety... and I always thought that my nan and all of the other people in the world who insisted on triple-quilted, super soft 50 ply BAD FOR THE ENVIRONMENT stuff were just plain odd. I go through phases... BUT - what the heck is it with that crappy stuff that they put in public toilets? Try using that when you're caught out and have a bit of a tender bottom, anyway. I wonder if we should start a lobby?? ;-)

TW said...

Well, Em, I can explain to you how to fix that. You want to know?

TW said...

Yeah! A toilet paper lobby! I sometimes think it is the same stuff they used to make mummies.

LOL on the hippie parents. My parents weren't hippies but we had a septic tank, that was very sensitive. So I grew up in a water conserving, septic friendly toilet paper house. (particularly during that period of time when there were no menstruating women in the house) My parents were both convinced that the whole extra soft printed toilet paper caused disease though, so we never ever had that.