Monday, October 24, 2005


Tummy isn't too bad today. But I have a problem, I ate well..nothing of value yesterday. My nutritional high point was my morning coffee. Really.

What do I crave to solve this issue? Jimmy Johns. #6 or #13. Hold the sprouts and lettuce. Maybe add onion. The rice cake I just munched has not helped. I have been wanting Jimmy Johns for a week now. But, they are at the top of no ones list but mine even if we were a vote for dinner sort of family.

Why Jimmy Johns? I don't know. I think because it is flavorful and has a varying enough texture as to taste like something (as opposed to boring bland) and as long as I get it without lettuce (without sprouts is a given) I don't tend to have tummy issues with it most of the time. It also is soft enough not to make my dead teeth hurt. This makes it an entirely rare food in my life right now.

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Lee said...

what about the cucumbers? you can tolerate those? there's something about subs that just don't generally agree with me - we get Jimmy Johns at work from time to time since they deliver but usually it's a mistake - why don't you call and get them to bring you lunch at work one afternoon?

Lucy said...

I spent three months craving marshmallows. Any sort would do - long twisty pink ones, fluffy white ones, little orange puffy ones - they all looked like god's gift to nutrition to me. Even when I was struggling not to throw up everything else. I couln't understand why no one else was into them.

Have you tried some really good beef broth, though?? Sometimes the salt settles my stomach out - especially if I have been going to the loo a little too often. You never know ...

Denise said...

Lee, when you order Jimmy John's what do you get? Are you keeping a food/pain journal like the one TW was doing that week on the board? You know you need to, right?

I will take the woman to Jimmy John's today and when she is making trip after trip to the bathroom I'm going to record it via camera and iRiver sound recording so you can all see that she visits the bathroom just as regularly after JJ as she does with most other things.


TW said...

Last night was BAAAAAAAAAAAD though after the pad thai in a box. (weird because pad thai is usually moderately ok...)

Cucumbers are ok in small doses. I am thinking Jimmy Johns when it is a problem is because of too much mayo.

They only deliver more than ten bucks worth and I think ordering myself 10 bucks of Jimmy Johns WOULD make me ill.

TW said...

Giggle at the marshmallows. I am still sure that I could be cured by real life savers candies but I can't seem to FIND THEM ANYWHERE. Original, normal sized, five flavor life savers

Nope on the beef broth. I am a vegetarian who has lapses but mostly does not do well with meat at all.

Lee said...

D - #6 @ JJ (no cucumbers), yes I know I should, but I'm not...denial isn't working as well as it used to though and I am seriously terrified of taking the next recordings please ;)

TW - you're right, that would be a bunch of subs, but at least you'd get what you wanted...maybe it is the mayo, but I can make a tomatoe sandwich at home and the mayo not be a problem....who knows?