Wednesday, October 19, 2005


I know you all want to hear gory corn details...but there are none yet. Yes, I bravely ate corn. Ok a half ear of boiled to death corn on the cob. far so good. YAY! I think I will say the Digestive Advantage is working. Surely the snake oil is the reason I have managed such a thing. Right? I mean its been an HOUR. LOL. Ok ok...but my tummy hasn't been half bad this week. We will see what it does closer to menstruation and such...but could this mean...COLE SLAW could be in my future? Crohn's, Crohn's go away I want to eat my favorite foods some day.

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Lucy said...

OK. I'll stop leaving comments on your blog - promise - just as soon as I ask just one annoying question. My doctor says that funny diets that leave out raw foods aren't supported by science, and no matter what the nice dietitian says, won't make me feel better. I, on the other hand, think that I feel decidedly WORSE when I eat the things the dietitian suggests I might want to avoid - like corn, for instance. Or raw fruit. Or dried fruit. Or capsicums and tomatoes and mushrooms and cauliflower. Does anyone else find that their doctor and their dietitian clash in a similar manner???

TW said...

I like the comments. A lot actually. Keeps me from feeling like I mutter to myself. So comment up a storm.

Well, my doctor is of the we can not conclusively say anything about individual flare triggers in IBD so you just have to experiment type. But then the whole practice is of the diet isn't at all relevant so do what works for you and we will find a drug sort.

CCFA actually had an interesting article in that magazine they send out periodically about eating the food pyramid with ibd issues, which really was helpful.

My experience is that the stuff your dietitian mentions as things to avoid are things that usually cause issues.

It really doesn't seem for me to be a raw vs cooked thing but really the sort of raw vs cooked. Tomatoes in large quantities whether raw or cooked are issues. A slice on a sandwich is ok, a handful of cherry tomatoes is not.

And I will never be able to adequately explain why Starbucks baked goods are inherently a quick trip to the bathroom whereas other similar products are usually ok.

Kerry from webgrits and I had a chat a while back comparing our what is flare on a fork and not. We had some in common, some very different.