Tuesday, October 25, 2005


I am horridly vain. Not in a clothes buying, have to be dressed "right" sort of way. I just have generally really liked how I looked. But here is the problem...
Several years of pukeyness + a lifetime of drinking coke......have left my teeth scarey looking (not to mention dentist from hell) AND

Several years of crohns? IBD? Ulcerative colitis? pukeyness? drugs to treat the above? has left my skin yucky. Patchy, spotty, puffed, dry, wrinkled, yucky. Icky.

And...I have to admit those things are far more annoying to me than the bathroom trips. If it isn't going to feel like my body, couldn't it just look like it?

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Lucy said...

Oh! I have this problem, too. AND I've had acne, dry hair that FALLS OUT! And looking deadly pale, which means that the whole world can see all of the wrinkles and freckles and blotches you wish you didn't have. Seriously, though - a nice lady GP suggested that at least the hair going brittle and falling out and probably the acne and dull skin might be fixable if I took a really good mineral suplement. It worked - really. I notice if I don't take them because my hair becomes absolutely horrible. And the acne went away, too.

If you don't take one already, maybe you should think about a good quality vitamin and mineral supplement?? I'm also taking fish oil, which the dietitian and the naturopath both suggested would help with inflamation and making my brain function more effectively and might even help my skin. Its cheap - and the dietitian suggested a capsule with each meal.

It also seems logical to me that if you are struggling to absorb your nutrients, maybe organic food might help? I read an article in the doctor's surgery the other day saying that it really does have higher quantities of vitamins and minerals and that it is better for people trying to heal. (Although I did spend a good portion of last night cursing the 'organic' bugs in my organic potatoes... rotten little critters).

Anyway, don't forget, you're doing pretty well - you're working and raising kids and blogging and cheering the rest of us up enormously with your good attitude and honesty. So be nice to yourself. Everyone has days where they look in the mirror and wish they hadn't!! It probably means you need a good holiday :-)

TW said...

My hair and skin are actually better since I started taking the Forvia vitamins but they are still icky.

To see me you wouldn't think I would have this weird vanity though.

Lucy said...


ALTHOUGH if its hard to enjoy food, you have to find SOMETHING that gives you pleasure. I think that preening is a perfectly legitimate form of self-indulgence. You know... having your hair just the way YOU like it. Finding some bizarre cream that promises to remove all of your wrinkles, erase your blotches and smooth your cellulite. Fishing for compliments from family members: "...so, do you notice anything different about my pores today?". As long as you're doing it because it makes you feel nice, or because it cheers you up, then a little bit of vanity slathering (of cream, that is) is not a bad thing.

Seriously - don't you think that EVERYONE is secretly a little vain? Even people who pretend that looks mean nothing to them have something they like about themselves. The shape of their little toe, their nice calves, the fact that their eyebrows are just like Ella Fitzgeralds? I think its quite healthy.

Emsxiety said...

Im not sure that's vanity in the sense that I am thinking of vanity. Usually vain people are shallow and self absorbed. All about themselves, constantly grooming and trimming, plucking and painting. You seem more like you want your body, skin and such back the way it was before the Crohns that doesn't seem vain to me.