Friday, October 07, 2005

Appointment Update

Yesterday was the CT scan update appt. No real news from the ct scan. Dr was confused as to why I hadn't already done the capsule endoscopy. Uh hello, you said to wait until you got the ct stuff back. I got to see the color pictures of the mystery bump.

Capsule endoscopy has to get approved by insurance which make take a month and the office folk said they are scheduling them a month out right now. So probably two months before that.

She in her intense gi doctor way said she was concerned the mystery bump was an encapsulated carcinoid tumor but that was rare. Sort of her way of saying she is alarmed but I shouldn't be I think. Surgery chat was interesting in a vague analytical way. As stated earlier, the world famous G.I. doc says it can be done with colonoscopy without perforation. She isn't so sure. In any case it would take both. If I do perforate or we go surgically with this in the first place, it may be able to be done laparascopically butttttt appendectomy scarring may prove to make that impossible as well. So rather than answer all the work questions like how long do you need off for this surgery, I have no answers for them. "Could be just a day for the colonoscopy. Could be a week for the laparascopy. Could be much longer for full abdominal surgery.

I forgot to ask for pain med refills. I also didn't cancel the appt scheduled for the 11th. I need to do both today.

I really regretted the pain med ommission yesterday as I had serious, serious gut wrenching (giggle, nice pun) pain all day that progressively got worse. Still owie today.

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Shelly said...

I am soo sorry you are still sufferiing so much, and make sure to call for those pain meds. I have kept you in my prayers.

Emsxiety said...

Do you have your pain meds now?

TW said...

ummm no, I forgot. LOL. (of course that means I have felt better today.)