Wednesday, May 17, 2006

Colonoscopy Update

I am here. Not dead. No new holes in my colon.(well except for I suppose all sorts of scrapes and whatevers from multiple biopsies.) Surgery looms big time now though. Sigh. Don't they know I have no sick leave, need a zillion dollars in dental work, AND want to take a real vacation with my babies. :-(

Mystery bump no less mysterious and growing. Doc also wants to up the imuran.


SwampHag said...

No words of wisdom or witty response... I'm just sorry for all of it. For the looming surgery, for having to go through all these tests allllll the time, and that the mystery continues. :-(

I hope you and yours are able to do something FUN this coming weekend, something to get a break from all of this.

Lucy said...

Oh no! Surgery!! And a GROWING mystery bump!

I think you should complain. Is your tummy still under warranty??

TW said...

Yep, surgery to remove the mystery bump. Afraid the warranty seems to have expired. hmph.

Fun? I think the plan is to clean the garage.

Lucy said...

hehehe -

I thought for a second there that 'clean the garage' was some kind of euphemism for the sort of surgery you were having. Like 'clearing the pipes'.

Oh dear! Oh well, at least you'll have a great excuse to yell at the lawnmower :-P

Jen said...

Ugh. A growing mystery. Surgery. I'm sorry it's all happening. I wish I could take it away.