Wednesday, August 20, 2003

After the Follow Up

After the Second Follow Up

I was less than excited by the idea of enemas. Every night for two weeks? Take them and stay in bed for 8 hours without using the bathroom? Is she kidding?

It took a few days for the drugstore to get the enemas in so that I could pick them up. No problem. I wasn't in a hurry.

Once I picked them up, I read the directions. I wasn't thrilled. This looked like all the side effects of prednisone combined with the "fun and excitement" of an enema. It took me about five more days to get up the nerve and figure out the logistics of doing this discreetly. At this point, my girlfriend probably doesn't care, has seen and heard more about my bowels than she ever wanted to know, but I do care.

I took a painkiller, imodium, and benadryl since the label suggested that sedation and anti diarrheal and cramping meds might help. I then followed the directions for the use of the enema. It wasn't too bad. I didn't cramp horribly and though I had less than amusing noises from my belly, it really wasn't uncomfortable. Not only that...the next day I didn't go to the bathroom AT ALL. That was a first for a good long time. I was pleased. That next night I gave up on all the prep stuff and went for night two. Still, not so bad, mild cramping. Nothing serious. Hey, if this continues to help, I am game. Ah, well, it continued to help to some degree. Then it stopped helping. Things have been worse again. I am in my second week now of the two week course. What next? I am not sure but we will see.

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