Monday, December 18, 2006

A Word to the Tummy Troubled Wise

When I first was diagnosed with tummy troubles, I read a certain tip in books and on the internet. I didn't take it. It seemed like a good idea for the really violently tummy troubled-but not me. I may have gone to the bathroom 20 times a day but I could always get there.
It was a me/them kind of thing. Yeah. I know. I am sorry.

Anyhow, have a bag of clothes, toilet paper, wet wipes and hand sanitizer in your vehicle and have one at work. Take my advice. Do it now. Also, when packing for a trip-pack an extra nightgown. (and extra pants too, obviously)


skeet said...

My worst days are the ones when I forget that I used up the clothes I carry & forgot to reload my bag for the car. Pack a sealable plastic bag in there too, in case you have dirty clothes to bring home & launder.

Eljae said...

W's worst moment was driving through the Great Smokey Mountains, 20 miles from civilization, wondering if he would be able to correctly identify poison ivy so as not to mistakenly use it as makeshift t.p. He was about to pull off and throw caution to the wind when he lucked upon a picnic site with some semblance of a restroom. While he doesn't always carry a change of clothes now, he does at least have something other than foliage to wipe with should the need arise.