Sunday, January 21, 2007

Well I went to the doctor

To the general practice doctor. It wasn't a UTI, which is what I was figuring. At least the quick test didn't say so. I saw a different doctor in the practice, new guy, wet behind the ears.

He kept asking stupid questions like: have you been running a fever? Umm no, I am on nice meds that would mean that if I had run any sort of significant fever I would BE IN THE HOSPITAL. Any blood in the stool? I have crohn's that is a daily if not hourly occurrence. Any nausea, vomiting? Again, I have CROHN's. Any stomach pain? ARGGGGGGGGGGGGGGh At one point after I said I have crohns so it is hard to say, he said he did go to medical school. At which point I was DONE. His answer was he thinks I have pulled a muscle. (Was I in a car accident? Was I sure I hadn't been in a car accident?)

He wants me to get an x-ray. Why??????? That never was clear why. and come back in a week. Sigh. It felt better-like vanished-for about 24 hours, but now it is back to hurting like hell. sigh. I wanted it to be a simple infection-antibiotics. all better. But no, instead, tests.

I don't know whether I want to waste the time going back. I 99% sure the xray will show nothing, which will mean more tests. More money. More time off work. Fairly certain though it isn't a pulled muscle. Pulled muscles don't make you exhausted. They don't make you pee all the time. They don't last for 3 months.


Friends of Fanchong said...

Oh no!! Doctors are crap - honestly. Its horrible - especially if you have to PAY for unnecesarry tests. Did you get blood tests? Do you have the option of waiting for the blood results before you go get an x-ray? I think that if you are unhappy with your doctor you definitely should insist on seeing someone else. Even if he is right, there is no point seeing someone you don't trust. Its your money and your body. His theory is undoubtedly 'rule out obvious problems first. Back pain may be a spinal problem, even in someone with Crohns.' Which kind of makes sense. If it were my time and money I would say 'I want blood work first. IF that shows nothing, then an x-ray might be sensible (maybe he is thinking that you have taken steroids quite a lot, and they do decrease bone mass). IF that shows nothing, then I would like a scan to see whether there is something wrong with my kidneys. IF that shows nothing, but I still have back pain, I want a scan to see whether there is any kind of mass.' I think you want to rule out: 1. infection; 2.a slipped disk or minor fracture (courtesy of steroids). 3. any kind of unwelcome mass.

That's what I think, anyway. BUT as a girl who had dozens and dozens of incorrect diagnoses before she got ONE correct one, I feel your pain!

Hang in there, and remember that doctors are human and that they usually work down a list of possible causes for symptoms, starting with the most common.

PS - maybe it is worth asking them to check your potassium levels. I think they are a normal part of a kidney function blood test, but maybe just ask anyway. I had a potassium deficiency and it gave me major fatigue. It is commonly associated with pooing a lot, and it is easy to fix (a supplement).

Lucy said...

Sorry - I accidentally signed in with the wrong account on that last comment. :-/

Emsxiety said...

IDIOT! Seriously what an idiot. You may have gone to medical school but did you pay attention????