Wednesday, August 22, 2007

Check Up

Check up today. Back on Prednisone ("Just a low dose"-with at least an 8 week taper) , another fun stool sample collection...DESPITE me telling her that it really wasn't that bad, and I would rather just stick with the status quo. Darn it.

I saw the PA and she was all "We will just up your Imuran." I said "Wait until you talk to the doctor, (I knew the PA had to talk to the doc in order to write scripts anyway) I think the doc will not think that is a hot idea. I am all for it because I don't really want to move up to our next choice, but I am thinking doc will say no" The PA didn't believe me. The doctor said no to upping Imuran. LOL.

Doctor wants me back in a month. Scheduler gave me the first available-in NOVEMBER. So...I am sure the doctor's nurse will be calling at some point.

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