Monday, October 01, 2007

Sharp Toilet Seat

I have seen some unusual toilets and toilet seats. Really. I mean...who can forget the giant hand toilet for instance? We even have an interesting toilet seat upstairs. In the "master" bedroom however we just have the insanely practical antibacterial toilet seat.

This one though...I think it takes the cake for interesting as far as toilet seats. For a mere 69 pounds...that is around 140 bucks, you too can own a razor blade toilet seat from The Perfect Pad. They also have a barbed wire option. I suppose both are apt for those days when it feels like there are razor blades on the loose in my gut.

1 comment:

peppery said...

Very sharp. Though the transparent thing would bother me. The only thing that keeps me from cleaning the toilet before my gals come over is the fact that they won't see the absolute nastiness that is the underside of the seat.

Guys, on the other hand... :)