Thursday, September 14, 2006

One Week

One week and an hour ago they wheeled me into an amazingly large operating room. I have seen a number of them at this point and this one was HUGE.

Update: Instant breakfast went ok yesterday and I think vitamins sprayed on and artificial as they are, was a good thing. May try again today.

White rice with soy sauce went so-so, but at least made it to the morning before bathroom marathon.

ONE dorito with cheese (known as cheese n chips at this house) today-not so good. Immediately not so good-pokey in my gut owieness-which rots.

Incisions look good. Bruising is fading. Left hand no longer looks like I am trying out for the marshmallow man job or some other swollen fisted hand model.

Having trouble with really cold feet and sometimes cold hands as well as probably a bit of fever. Shhhhhh.

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