Tuesday, September 12, 2006


Jello has too much flavor. (note: this could be a problem with only handi-snack jell-o like substance. )

Egg drop soup with crispy noodles and a fortune cookie last night for dinner had me spend the next four hours in the bathroom or desperately running for it while trying not to fall on my face. I may never eat anything other than too much flavor jello again.

Bruises are healing.

Mouth tastes like crud despite tons of brushing because...well...I am not eating. sigh.


sassymonkey said...

Yay to the bruises healing. I'm sorry that everything else isn't so rosy.

Will Jello still gel if you use more water than it calls for to mellow out the flavour?

catnmouse said...

adding more gelatin makes it thicker, so more water would prob work- just thinner, like, um, i dunno what it'd be like- runny jello i guess...doesn't sound too appealing now...

TW said...

Eh, well these are the kind already made in the cups so the water thing wouldn't help.