Monday, March 12, 2007

Custom Toilet Paper

You know you want to give it a go. Will it be the next hot wedding accessory? Housewarming TP job? Print the newlyweds faces on it prior to decorating the car...or do you have more of a statement to make with it? In any case, you can order it at

In other news, flaring bad. At least 15 trips to the bathroom during work. At least when flaring this bad-the trips are quick. Often the hand washing takes longer than the other part. I got a cold last week and it has been downhill since. Crohn's rots.


Emsxiety said...

I like the various camo toilet paper best.

Lucy said...

Are you allowed to put pictures of people you don't like on your loo paper? I giggled quite a lot when I read that someone in China has registered the trademark name 'bu shi' (which means 'not wet') as a nappy brand. Its pronounciation is identical to Chinese for 'George Bush'. The brand owner was hoping to appeal to patriotic Chinese parents (America was particularly unpopular at the time - they had just bombed a Chinese Embassy).

Lucy said...

And if misery likes company... it might cheer you to know that I had a flare the other week which left me very sore and very constipated (yes, a new one on me, too). As suggested by a rather unsympathetic doctor who seemed to have no idea at all what she was talking about, I have been very gingerly taking laxatives in an attempt to resolve the problem. Surprise surprise... 3 guesses where that has left me! God very definitely has a sense of humour.