Sunday, March 04, 2007

Tummy Trump Cards

These come from the list of top 20 comic weapons. Who knew?
The Dung Cannon-ok this one seems more like a Neopet weapon with more violence:

Dung’s Dual Poop Cannons - Savage Dragon

One of the many throwaway villains that graced the pages of Savage Dragon, Dung is about as static as a character can be. He is a walking poop joke, armed (literally) with two sewage cannons. Where all that crap comes from remains a mystery, but the fact remains that Dung has one of the greatest weapons in comic history.

This next one-true evil-yet appealling in a wanna know what tummy troubles are like? Let me just show you...sort of way. The Bowel Disrupter:

The Bowel Disruptor – Transmetropolitan

Spider Jerusalem’s weapon of choice, even beating out a good old-fashioned boot to the groin. The Bowel Disruptor does pretty much exactly what it sounds like it would with settings that include:

Shat Into Unconsciousness
Unspeakable Gut Horror
Rectal Volcano
And last but certainly not least, Burning Anal Geyser.

Tempting isn't it?

Too bad I don't have it in me to be a comic book evil villain. darn it. I think I got zapped by one though.

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skeet said...

ACK! Would you wish them on your worst enemy? I wouldn't!!