Friday, June 01, 2007

Blogging For LGBT Families Day

Blogging for LGBT Families Day

It is blog for LGBT families day and depending on how often you read and whether you pay attention, you may know we have one of those families. I normally blog this sort of thing elsewhere but this one of those days being in that sort of family had more bearing here. You see, I went for a test. I went to a place where I had to fill out registration paperwork. It went The registration person didn't feel the need to question the information on the HIPAA form. But, every time I fill one out...there is that clinch. Will she (invariably a she in those positions...the paperwork taking positions) question it? Will she write "Mother" next to the name? (this has happened.) No, I don't mind explaining it. Well, yeah I do. But I mind more when I am sick, or getting ready for a no doubt uncomfortable test.

Do I think that Hipaa (does anyone else want to call it HIPPA?) is a good idea? Yeah, it is always nice to know my boss, my ex, anyone with enough curiosity can't enjoy reading the annals of my anus. More fun to read my blog anyway. On the other hand, the fact of the matter is that my partner is on my paperwork for what can seem like trivial reasons, so the nurse can call her and say "lab results mean more tests are needed," "Doctor is calling in a script". Yes, they could try and call me but Murphy's law means that I will most likely BE IN THE BATHROOM when they call the office. And of course, if I am sick...I may be in the office, I may be home. In any case, the best way to reach me is to call her. The best way to schedule something-call her-especially since she has the calendar and I can get numbers transposed in seconds. She drives. She has the car. She has the immutable meetings and responsibilities more than I do. In any case, when the dreadful happens and I am in the hospital, she is my grown-up in town who will be able to follow what is going on.

Back to LGBT family day though, she is my family. Her kids + my kids are our kids. If I say in response to some comment "Oh my daughter is going to a concert tonight", do you really need to know "is she really your daughter"? Because she is. Do you need to take the paperwork at the doctor's office and put the info into the computer or do you need to delve into who that person is and why they are listed? Yes, certainly, discussing your family with your doctor is important. No problem. The financial office at the doctor? Not so much. Other than are you the primary card holder? Not at all.

Then there is all the other paperwork...but mostly I want to get past the point of the awkward moment when I hand it in or answer the intake interview questions. I know my answering them makes them realize that we exist and look and feel and do just like everyone else and that helps. It is just the waiting for everyone to not give it a second glance and the startled questions that makes it hard. She is my family, our kids are our family.

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