Wednesday, June 06, 2007

Boost Plus and Sex

When I am on prednisone, I get the mindset of say a 15 yo boy. Not that I feel well enough to do anything about it, but I can be a bit annoying. I always have blamed that on the prednisone. Little did I is the BOOST that I drink with the prednisone. Yes, click the link. Read the story.

Tummy Troubles + food in the morning = NOT OK.
Prednisone + nothing in one's stomach= Definitely NOT OK
Prednisone + Boost=Get on with the day

Ok, so I don't have a penis to get all erect and end up in the hospital. I think the refrain will now become "Sorry my love, it is the Boost"


Denise said...

And I thought it was just the irresistible me.

Lee said...

LOL...just LOL