Tuesday, January 03, 2006

Crohn's Ups Risk of Intestinal Cancer

Health News Article | Reuters.com: "Crohn's Ups Risk of Intestinal Cancer" maybe... at least according to a new report but even it concedes that this is based on people with Crohn's who have been treated with all natures of different treatments (back to the 1940s)

Of course, my question without looking here is that seeing as how the small bowel is not that readily visualized, could it not be that people with Crohn's are more likely to get it noticed just because of a higher freq. of imaging of that area?


Lucy said...

OK - I'm a serial commenter. I know...

BUT - I'm procrastinating. And your blogs are fun.

Anyway, UC is definitely associated with a higher risk of cancer - so it makes sense to me that crohns would also come with similar issues.

A medical student friend once told me that tissues that change rapidly - for example breast tissues which change as hormone levels fluctuate - are more susceptible to cancers. I just assumed that was what lead to the increased risk of bowel cancer in UC, but maybe not. I might grill my specialist when I see her next week.

BUT - right - while you're blogging - any ideas why people with auto-immune diseases are at such high risk of osteo porosis? My doctor was incredibly vague about why it happens.

TW said...

Giggle at the serial commenter. Fun? Intestinal cancer is definitely fun. Yeah, yeah I know what you mean.

Hmm don't know about the osteoporosis, perhaps because autoimmune stuff leads you to eat crappily because you feel gross?

Lucy said...

Are you suggesting that marshmallows and potatoe chips AREN'T the diet of a champion??!!

TW said...

No way. I would never suggest such a thing anymore than I would suggest that milkshakes and cheese sandwiches were not the food of champs.

Lucy said...

hmm -

well, at least your chances of getting a disturbing 'second time round' surprise would be minimal with milkshakes.

Why, did I tell you about the time I got all excited and ate lamb chops?? I though that it was really rather fascinating. Pity none of my housemates agreed :-P~~