Thursday, January 12, 2006

Upper Endoscopy

The upper endoscopy was on Tuesday. I know. I have sucked at keeping everyone up-to-date but I have been broody and the like. It is January, you know.

Anyhow, the endoscopy went well! No problem prep, no food after midnight, clear liquids until 4 hours before but really I didn't have anything but clear liquids for like 15 hours before. Sore throat afterwards complicated by my cold. (see below)

The stomach showed extensive edema but nothing alarming so no changes see her in two months! YAY! They even sent home souvenier pictures. I will scan for your enlightenment at some point. The kids have certainly enjoyed them!

Christmas and New Years went well. I even managed to snag some greens without paying the Crohn's price. I have had a horrible cold that started 12/23 and has not gone away. I was just sitting here wondering if my ear might explode. I suppose I should call my regular doc but geez.

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Jen said...

The sore throat afterward sounds pretty yucky, but I'm glad that overall it went well for you - as well as one of these scopes can go, lol! "No changes" sounds encouraging - that had to be a big relief to hear. Cool on the pics!

TW said...

Thanks Jen and welcome!