Monday, July 31, 2006

Blogher Bathroom Wrap Up

Well, Blogher is now over and I am about to step on a plane headed home. Yay! Boo! Blogher was overwhelming but bathroom troubles were not too overwhelming. Yes, I had them. (duh.) But, I rarely encountered a real line.

Best of all: NO WET TOILET SEATS. None. 700 women using a public bathroom and not leaving pee all over the seats. Really. Picture that. Was everyone afraid Dooce or Grace would come into the stall after them and see their pee on the seat? Was it the lack of anonymity in person and all the blog crushes? I have no idea, but it really made my weekend.

Thanks to everyone for being handwashers too. I would like to think it was everyone who read Denise's Be Prepared post. (goodness knows enough of you did, I was vastly amused by everyone who told her they took her advice and brought a heating pad and were appreciative of that advice.) I think it really is the peer pressure of having groups of women in the bathroom. Or it could have been all the sticky finger food served.


skeet said...

Bathrooms are very important. VERY! Glad you had acceptable ones close at hand.

Lucy said...

BUT - TW - you didn't give us any details about the toilet paper. Was it nice and soft - or the mean papery stuff that seems to go with conference centers? Or were you too busy enjoying the fact that there were bathrooms, and they were clean, to notice??