Friday, July 14, 2006

CT Scan Update

Scan went off with few hitches. Guy tech trying too hard to be personable, asking too many questions, just do it already. He also couldn't get the iv in good so while it returned well, it wasn't past the valve, so I have some pretty nasty swelling/soreness and an ugly bruise. The double dose of barium really works better for me than the hypaque, but still bites. I am zonked and have been to the bathroom triple the normal number of times for me. I also have a migraine. I think this is related to the iodine iv since I seem to get one every time regardless of prep.

Nurse called and said things looked ok, they would see me Monday and work on scheduling "things" with the surgeon. Sigh. Ack. (particularly since guy tech threw the words partial colectomy into his chatter today which sounds much more yucky than snagging the mystery bump.) Why couldn't they just say woo hoo mystery bump has vanished.

BTW-official name of mystery bump has been upgraded to "cecal lump" but I think I will call it Bob.


sassymonkey said...

Bob is an excellent name.

Sorry about all the yuckiness. :(

Emsxiety said...

yes, I like the name bob better. Much easier to spell and remember.

Denise said...

Ummm not, not Bob. Bob = sea monkeys or CH's cat and neither of those are things I want to think about in relation to your colon. Well CH's cat maybe but, no.

Mystery bump.

SwampHag said...

How rude of Bob to keep hanging around where he's not welcome. Sorry you have to bring in outside help to get rid of him.

Lucy said...

Hey TW!

Just logged in and catching up on all of the Bob/Blogher action I've missed (I was overseas). Your blog is looking great. Good news about Blogher hygene being up to scratch, bugger about Bob! Bugger about Barium and IVs, also. Ick. I am trying hard for an 'ignore it and it will go away' cure for my tummy troubles at the moment... but I'm thinking that it might not be a great plan for such impressively named mystery lumps. WHICH MEANS you get HUGE points for being good and brave and getting all of the right tests done (especially the pap smear - triple points for being such a good person!).

OK. Now I will stop clogging up this thread and do some work :-)

TW said...

Well, it seems bob has been joined by bertha bump.

I really like the ignore it and it goes away method. Wish it worked long term.