Wednesday, July 05, 2006


Surgeon wants to talk to gi doc before scheduling. Uh, I thought he already had?

Tummy troubles have seemed miserable lately. Maybe just this lingering for a month infection makes it seem that way? Ob la di ob la da

By the way: if you have Crohn's, do not run an infection for a month or so, (oh good grief, I have crohn's AND am on immunosuppressants, who am I kidding? I always have an infection.) watch it progress a bit, then spend a week or so, knocking yourself out, because well, it is your only chance and you wouldn't miss it for the world, then be surprised when you fall miserably, grossly ill afterwards. (especially combined with menstruation) (still would do it all over again, no question)


SwampHag said...

I think I might start using "Ob la di ob la da" instead of "C'est la vie".

Sorry the saga continues. *hugz*

TW said...

I like Ob la di, and the generation gap on it is really good.