Thursday, November 16, 2006

Big Day in Toilets

Today is the first day of the World Toilet Expo in Bangkok. The theme is Happy Toilet Healthy Life. Now think about that for a minute. I did...and now I am wondering if my toilet is not happy with me.

Granted I can find something of interest in any conference but some of these sessions sound particularly great.

  • Progressing towards gracious living
  • The Happy Toilet: By Design, Not Chance
  • Building Dignity, Not Toilets
  • Toileting at Ease, Maintaining a Breeze
  • And MORE!
Not only that there is an expo where you can:
"Discover effective hygiene solutions, as well as gain insights into the latest toilet-related trends, technologies, products and services from leading brands names."
Pretty cool stuff!


sassymonkey said...

lol. I heard about this on the radio this morning and of course I thought of you.

skeet said...

TW, I think you & I should re-organize our schedules and go to this together!