Friday, November 03, 2006

Teeth before Tummy

I had three teeth pulled. I knew these three teeth were in trouble but the scarey estimate to get them pulled was not at the top of my must spends...until they got evilly bad. They hurt.

Went to the dentist, yep, you still need them is the oral surgeon because, well these aren't easy ones and see that there...that is where the root is wrapped around your sinus. Very dangerous.

They felt some better after that weekend, so I stalled. But not better enough I could dismiss them entirely, so I went and had the pre visit-woo hoo 1600 bucks to pull them. (in addition to the 6 k in regular dental work that needs to be done--well regular in the way that a regular dentist does it)

Uhhh let me figure out my calendar. Figured it out, made a nice appt for mid november. Well, then things went bad. REALLY, REALLY, mind-numbingly run a fever while on immunosuppressants bad. (This is really bad, if I spike a temp after years on imuran...not good)

Called the dentist, they called in antibiotics, come in right away. (in dentist terms, the next day)

Had them pulled yesterday. Mouth hurts, bled forever, still bleeding a little bit but all and all MUCH better than say TUESDAY NIGHT when I was pretty sure that it was much worse than any crohns pain ever. Really it was and leftover surgery pain meds, clove oil, ambesol, vanilla extract and everything else that I could think of or the internet thought of to cure dental pain helped. AT ALL.

Missed two days of work (yesterday and today) and a couple hours wednesday, officially overdrawing my sick leave--again. Damn it. I am doing everything I can to save vacation time so I can spend it with my kids before they go off for the spring (and so I can go see them in February)

In any case, years of yucky tummy, coca-cola and sucking on mints...combined with a previous really bad dentist and lack of money...bad for teeth. But, years of Crohns-they didn't have to give me a lot of info as to what was a soft cold food or a soft warm food.

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