Thursday, November 09, 2006

Prescription Drug Costs

This article reports on a study that says that doctors forget costs in prescribing only a third of the time. I am thinking that the only time a doctor has discussed prescription costs with me, I have brought it up.
Uh no, we can not do 30 days in a row of cortenemas, even if I loved them, which I don't. The insurance will pay for 5 and that will still cost me 40 bucks. What are our other options?

Of course, I don't know this until I show up at the pharmacy and they say "well the doctor wrote for 30 but first we need to special order them, second your insurance company will only let us dispense 5." "Ok, well do that and I will call the doctor" (which of course means the switchboard with press 52 followed by the # sign if you haven't passed out going through our options by this point and you still have something you want to say to our doctors)

Prescription costs are a problem, a big problem. They are one that really need to be addressed when the meds are prescribed. No one should have to think well, yeah, that script would help a lot and probably will save me much in the long run but I can buck up this month because we don't have the 40, 120, 260 bucks to pay for it this month.

If you don't remind your doctor this may be an issue...he/she may not have the foresight to mention alternatives. They get the nice samples and the literature and the newest drug may be the best option as far as meds, but it won't do any good if you can't afford it or can't sustain the blow to your budget. What has been your experience with doctors bringing up the cost of scripts?

Of course, telling your doctor, hey, wait a minute, I am not sure I can afford this, is hard. You want to get better. Obviously the doctor thinks that is how you will get better. You also have to deal with your shame over NOT having a life that allows for such expenses. Meds shouldn't be a luxury. Health care shouldn't be...but it is...even if you have insurance, even if you are not "in poverty." People make the decision whether to pay for electricity and their child's field trip as well as the presents for the 3 birthday parties their child got invited to this month or pay for their medications every day in this country. These are people with steady jobs, a car to drive and "everything" they need...except the $80.00 to pay for another prescription every month.


sassymonkey said...

Interesting. I know my doctor always asks me if I have insurance before she writes the prescription. That's something that was greatly appreciated when I didn't have it.

skeet said...

I always discuss med costs with the doc, and it's almost always me who brings it up. Course, I only see a doctor every year or two because no one will give me health coverage because I'm sick. Oh, wait, different rant.

IF I were to take the advised dose of my tummy meds, it would be $250 per month for the one perscription. Since I can't do that, I take a minimal does of it when I HAVE TO leave the house. Otherwise I do without. Not the best way to handle, but it's what I've got.