Thursday, September 08, 2005

3.5 hours into Prep

And now I remember what I hate about it other than the drinking the phosphosoda.


Emsxiety said...

Does the prep cause your colitis to hurt more? I was always wondering this because I have done the endoscopy but am afraid of the prep for the scoping of the other end.

TW said...

Actually no. The sucking of every fluid you have consumed in the last month into your bowels pretty much is not a bad thing as far as the cramping goes as long as you do consume the hated fluids. I have a problem with nausea with it and it makes my legs hurt. (see above sucking of fluid) but the colitis segment of it really isn't horrid. And of course, I am used to spending massive amounts of time in the bathroom. I suppose because when I have the hated urgency to go to the bathroom, there actually is like a flushing effect. (hmmm that sounds really gross) It also really helps that I have learned the hard way that food is not my friend so there really isn't anything substantial moving out. Tomorrow I will be tired and dehydrated and siccccccccck in the morning followed by stoned in the afternoon. Still as far as procedures go it is MUCH less painful and gross than the upper GI swallow and xray series. (once I survive the prep)