Thursday, September 08, 2005

Step One: Colonoscopy Prep

After a lovely day of clear liquids. (which really isn't that bad except missing my caramel macchiatto and really wishing I could have a piece of bread or cheese to settle my stomach this morning) Butttttttttt I just drank the 1.5 oz of phospho soda mixed with canada dry ginger ale. I stuck them both in the freezer for a half hour to help the taste. (ha ha) Measured my dose of phospho soda carefully with a leftover med cup from some kids cold medicine. Stuck a straw in. (surely a straw helps right?)

BUTTTTTTTTT my stomach didn't feel great before...been queasy for two days. And now it is nice and bloated and GROSS feeling and it has been 10 minutes. Follow quickly with 3 glasses of cold water????????????????????? ARGH!

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Lee said...

I hope it goes well tomorrow, as well as I imagine that procedure could...take care and get some rest this weekend.

TW said...

Thanks Lee. This really is the sucky part. The test itself is a blur of drugs and the like. But this every 3 minutes in the bathroom after drinking the nasty concoction BITES