Friday, September 02, 2005

Better Today...until

I had a much better day today. Some cramping/pain this morning not long after I got to work but it passed before I pulled out the pain killers.

Unfortunately the good day led to dinner and then ice cream. I told the ice cream lady no peanuts on top (because they are a known tummy issue food) but she put them on anyway. Tried to eat around them but there were a lot and I am stupid. By the time I got home I was heading for the bathroom. Stomach is progressively youchier. Just took meds. Hopefully, my guts will be better soon.

Colonoscopy scheduled for next Friday. Thursday night is open house at school. Oh Goody! Prep and a school event. I hope I can make it. I don't miss these things. sigh.

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Emsxiety said...

Well i'd say you shouldn't have blah blah blah.. but I have IBS and am lactose intolerant and sometimes.. I eat ice cream too! I pay for it, boy do I pay for it, but sometimes... *sigh*

Oh and btw.. Stay away from the ice cream place!

TW said...

I think it was more the darn nuts, but yeah.