Wednesday, September 07, 2005

Countdown to Prep

I got all pre registered tonight for the Colonoscopy Friday. Visited our not so friendly neighborhood CVS and bought the yummy phospho soda. Then to publix for the ginger ale to mix with it. to a weird hoity toity burger and fries place for a last meal. Grilled veggie sandwich and fries both with excessive amounts of mayo. Oh wait...aioli. Why don't they just call it mayo? Then a few bites of a very melty ice cream cone. Would have been better had I not had to rush home to the bathroom. sigh. Couldn't just wait for the prep could it?

So tomorrow...clear liquids all day. Thank goodness my doctor considers coke a clear liquid. By 6 I have to consume the first 1/2 of the phospho soda. Then finish up in the early morning. Makes my work day better tomorrow since I can work right? (except I already turned in leave, hope I can un-turn it in?) But it means I definitely miss open house tomorrow at school and I never miss those things. :*-( But as I told my boy child, he really doesn't want to be the kid with the mom who needed to spend open house in the bathroom.

Anyone got a favorite colonoscopy clear liquid "food" or tips?

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