Sunday, November 27, 2005

Camera Update

I have been meaning to get here with the newest update on the camera endoscopy. My doctor called Wednesday. She first spoke with my partner since I was at work and she called me at home. She gets high marks in my book for actually speaking to my partner, especially at length. Then she called me at work.

We spoke for quite a bit. Camera endoscopy looked good as far as all that small bowel stuff. She was also reassured about the mystery spot. She has decided that at this point surgery isn't necessary to remove the mystery spot. YAY!

However, my stomach looked to quote her "bumpy and inflamed" She says the camera isn't such a hot way to look at stomachs so she wants to do a regular upper endoscopy.

Since I have been doing relatively well over the past few weeks she also has decided to hold off on the remicade for as long as we can. Another yay for that. I think she also perhaps concerned about the hives and how remicade and hives won't mix well.

All and all, pretty good news. Upper endoscopy is not my favorite idea of how to spend a day but it could well be worse.


Lucy said...


Good news that you got your results back. Its very cool that your specialist phones with results. Mine makes me go in and sit around her very average waiting room to get mine.

Hmm... more tests, though.

What is she looking for on the upper endoscopy?? Is she checking for things that might need removing??

Wow I'm nosy. What can I say?? Hope the hives are better.

Emsxiety said...

WOOHOO that's awesome news. Okay the more testing thing sucks, but the rest is good news. No surgery is always good news.

TW said...

I think she wants to just peek at the stomach a bit better.

Hives are much bnetter thanks.

Emsxiety said...

It's back.... YEAH! where did it go?

TW said...

hmm where did what go?


Emsxiety said...

I was trying to view this blog and it wouldn't show up. I kept clicking on the links, everyones links and it would never load. Then I come in here and voila, it loaded. Am I the only person that had this trouble? probably!