Wednesday, November 02, 2005

Chewing Gum Speeds Surgery Recovery

Chewing Gum Speeds Surgery Recovery: "In the study, 102 patients undergoing elective colon resection surgery were divided into two groups. Those in the control group received the standard fare after abdominal surgery -- sips of clear liquid. The patients in the study group were also given gum to chew at mealtimes."

Interesting stuff. I wonder if it can be replicated or anything. (While imagining chewing gum all gunky in my teeth.

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Lucy said...


Does this mean you need surgery???

Cool, though. Its encouraging that they keep coming up with better treatments. I hope you are sticking to good news stories - especially if you're not feeling so hot ;-)

TW said...

Yep, well they are going to do surgery to remove the mystery bump.