Monday, November 07, 2005

Puking Sucks

And I hate it. Especially when the only solid food I have had since Friday is a mini bag of pretzels.


Lee said...

have you ever considered any "herbal" stuff for the nausea and lack of appetite?....I'm being serious, there are sucks to feel pukey and personally I'm all for unconventional alternatives....feel better Tarrant, you seem more concerned that usual :(

Lucy said...

I agree about the herbal option. It was announced in another study as having positive results for people with IBD quite recently... and as long as you don't overdo it, it might not hurt to try...?

I had a little picture of the medicine buddha strapped to my stomach for a while - it didn't seem to do much, but I figured that I didn't care what worked... if a placebo could do it I was signing up. Perhaps you could try hopping around in an anti-clockwise direction on your left foot?? I had that one going for a while, too. If you're too tired, perhaps you could get your kids to take care of that one for you? :-)

Hang in there. It will get better.

purple elf said...

sigh. i wish there was something that would really help you. only lame suggestion i have is that if you don't want to do hardcore herbal, and you can handle it, ginger candies to suck on or some ginger tea or flat ginger ale (if it's a brand with actual ginger in it) can really help with nausea.

sending lots of good thoughts, goddess.