Saturday, November 19, 2005


I hate HIVES. Really hate them. I didn't like them when it was a clear cut thing. I didn't like them when my munchkin brought home chicken pox to my immunotherapied body and I had them. I really don't like them when I get a virus. I REALLY REALLY don't like them as part of the fun of being on an antibiotic I am apparently now going to be adding to my list of no no antibiotics. (For those keeping track Cipro is now added to: penicillin, sulfa, and flagyl as no no antibiotics) Ok, so I took my last dose of Cipro this morning, so surely after 10 days of scratching like a monkey, I shouldn't itch anymore? noooooooooooooo still itchy. Still hive-y. Hives BITE.

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Lucy said...

calm blue ocean, calm blue ocean. Yucko, though.

Well, if it makes you feel any better I appear to be getting a cold. Know how I can tell?? Reeeaaalllyy sore shoulders, a brain that refuses to function and a terrible urge to stay within 2 feet of the bathroom.

OK. That didn't help.

Ummm... did you know that the guitarist from Pearl Jam has crohns? That's cool. You're in very cool company. And if we just say he has IBD, then I'm in good company, too :-)

Sending you lots of soothing skin vibes and hoping you remember not to scratch.