Thursday, February 09, 2006

Poopy Potty Rule

New York Post Online Edition: news: "Teachers at a Bronx public school are pooh-poohing a school potty policy, charging that they are being discouraged from allowing children to use the bathroom outside of a set schedule.
Administrators at PS/MS 95 last month began enforcing a bathroom schedule for first through third grades that provides a daily 15- minute window for kids in each class to do their business."

UGH! Hope they don't have any kids with Crohn's or other tummy troubles.


Emsxiety said...

Or bladder troubles. Like bodily functions can be set on a time table.

Absolutely ridiculous. Where are the pediatricians on this??? They have got to have a say in it!

Jen said...

Oh, poop on this!

Isn't this just at an age where sometimes children's bladders haven't had time to catch up in growth to the rest of their bodies? It's hard for them to read the signals at times, which means when they get the message, it's time to hustle.

If the child does have any elimination issues, I guess it means the parent has to disclose to the teacher to receive accommodations, which means the child gets to potty as needed. I think that means the child has to stand out unnecessarily among peers when s/he would not if the policy weren't in place. This could be pretty shaming.

SwampHag said...

I hope the teachers keep fighting that battle. Ridiculous and potentially traumatizing.

Anonymous said...

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