Tuesday, February 07, 2006

Tuckered Tummy

I am sitting here wondering whether to post about my craving unfulfilled for over a WEEK for a McDonalds hamburger. (yeah, yeah, I am a vegetarian but umm lapsed).

Or maybe I should blog about how colds are evil things and make my already yucky tummy magnify yuckiness.

Or maybe about my craving for peanut sesame ramen noodles which I don't want enough to get over my sniggling suspicion that pantry pests are afoot...not roaches but those little grain bugs and such that you only really see in the Gardens Alive catalog. In any case, I know that I have low tolerance for these showing up when I toss noodles into boiling water and have particularly bad reactions to them when I am sick. My mother suggested ramen to me when I was sick one time as a teen. As I cooked them, I saw the dead and half dead wriggly larva or whatever and didn't eat ramen for almost 15 years. (including during the poverty stricken college years, but not including the an infant and a toddler and no money but the then husband was forever away on a business trip complaining about the quality of food at conferences, the scheduling of meals, and feeling bloated after too much lobster days...where I ate many bowls of ramen.)

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Lee said...

this has me troubled...pasta was a safe food for me - THANKS...y'all's hamburger cravings are weird

TW said...

We had veggie burgers last night which while tasty did nothing for the McDonalds craving.

I don't understand it either, except in my family of origin fast food was definitely a comfort food. Little am-burgers as the McDonalds burger was called especially

Emsxiety said...

Every once in awhile, a McDonalds burger just hits the spot. What I crave is the fries. I have been known to go out at midnight to get an order of fries.