Saturday, February 25, 2006

The Stool is black

The toilet paper is white. The flu has been such a fright. (and has led to aforementioned tummy troubles.) Cross your fingers that I keep them mostly at bay for my kid weekend.


Denise said...

Take bets on how many times we have to stop the car at a gas station between here and our final destination?

No problem, I enjoy stopping every 15 miles! More blog fodder and the like.


hmmm my word verification is snounz. I like snounz. I want that word verifcation everytime.

Emsxiety said...

Crossing everything I have for you!

Lucy said...


Is that bad??

It happens to me sometimes. I always thought it meant... um... I have no idea.

Have you tried ignoring it? It hasn't worked for me (yet) but I have faith :-)

TW said...

Black is not a good thing no. I hate the fact that linking in comments doesn't work so I will link in a post soon.